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Mill Creek

Mill Creek Lake, Canton, Texas…This is the home of The American Carp Society's first officially sanctioned ‘Bow-Fish free’ Trophy Carp Lake in the USA. It is also the location for our annual 'Social' event and is open to members from all States in the USA as an opportunity to get together, meet each other, share experiences and spend some time learning more about our quarry… while pursuing some truly special fish in a pristine, unspoiled and protected Trophy Carp Lake.

The ‘Social’ includes education, social dinners, slideshows, unique give - aways and discussion on our upcoming projects and events throughout the USA as well as a 3 day continuous Angling event in the great City of Canton.

The 'Mill Creek Social’ is held each year in the fall and is limited to a set number of Anglers.

The Mill Creek event was an awesome opportunity to fish with like minded individuals and promote the sport we all love with a huge milestone to celebrate, a truly bow fishing free water with an immaculate stock of beautiful carp. The event and US carp fishing in general is how I remember carp fishing when I first started in the U.K. 18 years ago, the fish are wilder, the waters more untamed and the self entitlement to catch big fish just doesn’t exist, instead you work hard for it, and enjoy the rewards even more….Thank You!
— Andrew Francks
Mill Creek is truly a special water...I drove 250 miles for the event and I wanted to say what a special event it was! It is truly a magical Lake with some very special fish... a big thanks to The American Carp Society and The City of Canton.
— Brid Caveney
The American Carp Society’s Mill Creek Social gave us Fantastic Swims, Laughs… Runs, Some much needed respect for the Carp, and an abundance of camaraderie.…If I’m missing anything here it surely does not matter.
— Erick Maybury
It’s nice to see that the City of Canton recognizes the natural resource they have at Mill Creek and have taken the steps to protect it…” Eat your heart out Austin! ”… Mill Creek is the new carp mecca of Texas!
— Clayton Lothrop
The ACS Mill creek social was a special event and has been one of the the highlights of my year...I was blown away at the hard work obviously put into the organization of the event and preparation of the Lake. Getting to meet new Anglers and seeing some old friends ...The American Carp Society and the City of Canton have hit a home run....that Lake contains some beautiful carp!
— Joey Arevalo
A picturesque Texas Trophy Carp Lake...the thing of dreams! The Mill Creek Social was a great place to reignite old friendships and make some new ones...Everyone enjoyed the social...a great event and City...and a lake with some truly beautiful fish....Thank you American Carp Society!
— Jason Aylott

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