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By becoming a member of The American Carp Society you are supporting our goal of raising both the awareness and the attributes of this hard fighting freshwater fish to other Anglers and members of the public. It is our hope that with the continued education of others, better documentation through exquisite publications showing both care and stewardship of the Trophy fish ...as well as your encouragement to new Anglers being introduced to the sport, that we will achieve this goal and together lead with the ongoing care and stewardship of the Trophy Carp in our US waters. 

Your contribution to the cause through both your membership fees and continued support will help to educate others on the natural resources available to them and will help to promote the benefits of Trophy Carp Lakes here in the USA.

Your actions bank-side and stewardship of the species to others are the very best way of communicating your love for this great fish and the country that we live in.

Being a membership based organization it is our members who will directly benefit from the many hours of hard work and investment in this ongoing process.

As a Carp Angler ...or 'soon-to-be' Carp Angler in the USA we hope that you will join us in our cause!

Remember that the time water-side is always time well spent…the sport & Art of Angling is so very rewarding…and that the fish is always the star!

Membership FAQs

Who is this organization for?

The American Carp Society is a ‘membership only’ organization open to all ‘catch and release’ Carp fishermen (Cyprius Carpio) in America. We do have some members in Canada and Europe and they are welcome.

Who can purchase store items?

Several store items are available for the public to purchase. However, the majority of our gear is available to members only.

Can anyone join?

We are open to all 'catch and release' Carp Anglers. We do prefer that you have someone who is already an American Carp Society member refer you in your membership application to expedite the approval process although this is not mandatory. As a member of The American Carp Society it is important that you know that all members share the same philosophy and outlook on the fish and are carefully vetted. The American Carp Society FB group is a closed group for catch and release carp anglers only. You can feel free discussing all aspects of your carp angling as vetting of membership is taken seriously.

What's the private Facebook group for?

All FB groups and official events are open only to membership. Our FB group is a closed group comprised of carp anglers that have a catch and release philosophy. We understand that not everyone has the same viewpoint of the species that we fish for and as such our FB group is a closed group for members only. Our members can feel free that the information that they share is only done with like minded fellow anglers.

Do you sell to advertisers or promote for paying companies?

We do not advertise or promote third party commercial products in our publications or website. Sales of official American Carp Society products and merchandise help to sustain the company and growth of the sport here in the USA. Our focus is betterment of the sport and growth through education and example. The fish is always the star…

What's Included

Member plans & Benefits

Benefits Starter Membership
Coming mid-2019
Basic Membership Premium Membership
Most popular!
Access to members-only store
Invitation to members-only Facebook group
Login to hidden content on members portal
Access to digital versions of every back issue of original society publications
Inivitation to exclusive events X
Yearly Membership T-shirt upon renewal X
Membership welcome box X
Eligibility for member awards X
Access to member-sourced map of US Carp waters X X
Discounted "The American Carper" annual publication shipped on release day (alone a $65 value) X X
Priority first-selection on angling events and experiences where there are limited spots X X
One-Time Welcome Package Cost $19 $39 $79
Yearly renewal on Oct. 1st each year $19 $39 $79
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Both Award recipients will receive a Trophy and a personally hand drawn picture of their choice by Official American Carp Society Artist Lindsay Bouquillon.


1. Angler of the Year Award

This is not just an award about catching fish. It is voted on by your peers, The American Carp Society membership, and is awarded to the Angler who has given much to the Sport by their actions throughout the year. This will include their education of others new to the sport, their ability to help existing Carp Anglers already established as well as their character representing the sport when bank-side.


2. Photographer of the Year Award

The documentation of our beloved fish is one of the strongest messages that we can send to others by raising the profile, and perceived value, of the fish in a well documented photograph that captures a moment in time. This will be voted on by your peers, The American Carp Society membership.

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