The American Carp Society is a US company that was founded in Malibu Creek State Park CA, USA June 2002 by Wayne Boon and Sean Manning. The Mountain range famously known from the television series M*A*S*H is the home of Century Lake and contains some beautiful wild carp. 

On discovery of both the species and the location Directors Wayne Boon and Sean Manning, both lifelong anglers, decided to formalize an organization in the USA for the betterment of Carp to assist in promoting the attributes of the species as a legitimate sport-fish and to help educate anglers throughout the USA on the stewardship of this natural resource for future generations. 

The American Carp Society was formed as an organization of like-minded individuals who had a passion for the fish and its future well-being as a Sport fish here in the USA. 

An initial partnership was formed in June 2003 with the then recent C.A.G. president, David Moore.


In 2003 The American Carp Society officially launched its website and membership to the public. The Membership included custom 'members only' T shirts that would soon appear bank side in very nearly every state in the USA.

American Carp Society member photos


After much planning and organizing during the prior years, the American Carp Society's e-store opened for business in the Winter of 2004/5. Carrying a large array of terminal tackle, Pods, Alarms, Reels and Rods under the 'ACS Tackle' banner, some of which is shown below; the store serviced both members (at a healthy discounted rate) and the general fishing population. The store also carried most of the major European brands' tackle and carp angling accessories and baits (Fox, Trakker, Solar, Dynamite, Pro-Logic, Drennan, X2, Enterprise Tackle, Kamasan, Kryston, etc.) and was a great success during that period of Carp angling's evolution here in the United States.

Note: The Stars & Stripes carp logo (used only here on this one page is used to show accurate, Historical records) is wholly owned by David Moore and is not connected to American Carp Society in any way.

first ever 'made in America' (MIA) custom carp rods LAUNCHED - 2004

In 2004 The American Carp Society released the first ever 'Made in the USA' custom Carp Rods titled MIA Mk1.....this was followed by the MIA Mk2 version a year later. These rods were designed by the American Carp Society for US Carp Anglers and are now collectors’ items as they were made in limited supply for American Carp Society members.



+ press release

Press Release
For Immediate Release
November 11, 2004

American Carp Society Breaks New Ground with U.S. Made Carp Tackle

The first ever United States hand built carp angling rods will be offered to the open market by ACS Tackle, a subsidiary of the American Carp Society.

In an announcement today, this pioneering move is a result of a unique partnership between the American Carp Society, Dr. Steve Harrison and Nick Buss. Harrison and Buss are recognized world wide as innovative builders and designers of custom carp angling rods. These custom rods have met high praise from anglers across the United States and will be hand assembled by one of the country's leading rod builders.

The ACS "MIA" (Made in America) series rods will utilize Harrison and Buss's innovative and technogically precise rod blanks as the basic component for the rod construction. Today, the design serves as a benchmark for rod blanks and is proclaimes to afford carp anglers keen precision never recognized before.

"Steve and Nick put a great deal of thought into the blank design", says Wayne Boon, Director of the American Carp Society. "We are extremely pleased with these rods. They are perfect for the broad range of fishing conditions here in the United States."

"The blanks have an excellent action, yet really compress on a cast with more powerful butt section than standard," Boon adds. "This is a terrific partnership, and we're proud to be associated with Steve and Nick."

The custom build rods are avialable exclusively through ACS Tackle with future plans for expanded distribution.

The American Carp Society is a membership-based organization founded to benefit the needs of rod and line carp anglers in the United States. The association provides a broad array of services which include carp tackle and equiptment, educational materials and publication, regional and national tournaments and regular big fish contests. The organization will host the 2005 World Carp Championship on the St. Lawrence River in New York State June 5-10. The American Carp Society can be found on the web at

ACS Nationals / Tournament of Champions - 2004 - 2006

The American Carp Society launched its tournament series 'The ACS Nationals' which were held in 2004, 2005 and finally in 2006 when it was renamed to be The Tournament of Champions (TOC). This tournament series was the first of its kind here in the USA using the 'Euro method' approach with Cash prizes and sponsorship from some of the top names globally in Carp Angling.

Carp Angling 101'  and the Town Lake DVD - 2005

In 2005 ACS Productions launched the first ever 'Made in the USA' Carp Angling DVD titled 'Carp Angling 101' an instructional DVD on fish capture, approach, tactics, fish care and stewardship of the carp.

This was followed by 'Town Lake' a detailed look into the famous Town Lake (Ladybird Lake) in Austin, Texas. A Mecca in the early years of Carp Angling in the USA Town Lake holds some stunning Carp. This DVD highlights a now famous session from all three directors on Town Lake with multiple captures of both mirror and common carp as well as the 44lb and 46lb brace.

These DVD's were available from the American Carp Society website and select fishing stores throughout the USA.

First World Carp Championship - 2005

featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal

The American Carp Society made history in 2005 by hosting The World Carp Championships on the St. Lawrence River in the State of New York.

One Hundred and One teams of two from 17 countries competed for a 1 million Dollar purse for breaking the NY State record as well as $50,000 in cash and prizes of 2 Chevrolet Colorado trucks. This event made Global news as the most famous Carp Anglers in the World wanted to be part of History. The participants read like a 'whose who' of carp angling.

This event made the Front page of the Wall St Journal as well as garnering television, radio and news coverage nationally. The American Carp Society was awarded the Keys to the St. Lawrence Corridor, New York and received recognition from then New York State senator, Hillary Clinton for the economic impact of the event to the area.

The 2005 WCC held by The American Carp Society set a new global bar for financial payouts in a professional Carp Angling competition.


Worldwide Competitors' Flag ParadE

the American Carp Angler of the Year INSTITUTED - 2005

The American Carp Society instituted the American Carp Angler of the Year award in 2005. (Pictured here for historical reasons is the original roaming trophy award.)

The American Carp Society honor on a yearly basis the "American Carp Society Angler of the Year". This angler will be recognized for their outstanding achievements and Angling ability in regards to Carp Fishing in the USA. All American Carp Society members are eligible for the award. Members are asked to vote on five nominees that are chosen by the American Carp Society Directors, the votes will be counted and the award presented to the winner.

+ Structural/organizational changes - 2006

David Moore left the American Carp Society during 2006 to pursue his own interests within the Carp Industry, ultimately purchasing the American Carp Society's e-store and all it's stock. This entity later become Big Carp Tackle (BCT) located in Oklahoma. There was also some over-lap and collaboration of tournaments around the country for another year or so... The move was legally finalized in 2009 leaving Sean Manning and Wayne Boon as sole owners and Directors at the American Carp Society when the Stars & Stripes carp logo officially moved over to David Moore's company. The new American Carp Society logo, then under design was very shortly employed throughout the new website, media sites and merchandise. Note: The Stars & Stripes carp logo (used only here on this one page is used to show accurate, Historical records) is wholly owned David Moore and is not connected to American Carp Society in any way.


The American Carp League (ACL) was launched in 2006 as the first ever online carp league in the USA. Competitors from across the country took apart in this annual competition with sponsorship and prizes. This format has been duplicated by a number of other companies since being launched and is now a popular tournament format.

a few of the many American Carp League's awesome anglers, headlines and prize lists

the first American Carper online publication launched - July 2006

In 2006 The American Carp Society launched the first version of 'The American Carper'. An online publication 'The American Carper' was the first of its kind in the USA as a specialist digital Carp Angling publication. Issues featured National updates on catches as well as in depth interviews with the Top US Carp Anglers of the time.


$250k won by Al St Cyr for breaking the Texas State record

Between the dates of March 26th and 31st 2006, the American Carp Society held the Texas Carp Challenge (TCC), a new format competition inspired by David Moore, that allowed the anglers to choose their venue within a geographical area of Austin. A purse of $250,000 was awarded to American Carp Society member AL St Cyr for breaking the Texas State record. This competition received National news and local television coverage.

The 2006 Texas Carp Challenge competitors

Al St Cyr pictured with his $250,000 winning Common Carp

+ Texas Carp Challenge Press Release

Scott Osmond with one of his Common Carp captures that helped him win the 'Big Four' $25,000 prize at the Texas Carp Challenge.

SCOTT IS Pictured here with American Carp Society Director, Wayne Boon

The American Carp Society held a Carp fishing clinic, membership drive and the TCC awards at Cabelas in Buda, Texas.

IGFA Hair Rig Certification - 2007

The American Carp Society worked closely with the IGFA to procure the acceptance of the 'Hair Rig' as a legitimate form of capture for specimen carp in the USA. This was officially ratified in 2007.