Sean Manning

A founder of The American Carp Society Sean has been a passionate multi species Angler since the age of 6.  He now focuses specifically on Cyprinus Carpio in the USA and advocates the attributes of the species as a sport fish for all types of Anglers to appreciate.

  • A published author and writer of Fishing articles both here in the USA and overseas.

  • A keen amateur biologist and photographer.

  • A Traditional Float fishing enthusiast.

“U.S. Anglers are some of the most passionate I have come across…and the common carp is a formidable opponent to any fisherman worthy of picking up a rod. As one of the most intelligent freshwater species swimming in our waters they will challenge those anglers who want something different from the norm…. they will out-think you and wreck your tackle in a heartbeat...they are without doubt ‘the thinking mans fish’ here in the USA.”


Wayne Boon

A Founder of The American Carp Society and one of the USA’s most respected and traveled Carp Anglers, Wayne caught his first Carp at aged 11. He has been in passionate pursuit of his chosen quarry almost continuously during the last 44 years in both the UK and across much of the USA.

  • A published author and writer of Fishing articles.

  • A keen amateur biologist and photographer.

  • He has the ability to appreciate and see both the beauty and value of Cyprinus Carpio, regardless of the size, as the USA’s most challenging freshwater species…whether in a pristine wilderness area or in an urban junk yard pond.

“A new reality forms from un-biased facts opening the eyes and hearts of anglers new and old across the country. It’s a new start where great stewardship and conservation of our waters along with their ecosystems is as important, if not more so, than the actual act of catching the fish.”


Evan Cartabiano - B.S.  M.S.

Evan is a Fisheries Biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife and is also the official American Carp Society Fisheries Ecologist.

  • He holds both a Bachelors degree in zoology and Masters degree in fisheries ecology.

  • An avid angler since the age of 3, his passion for Carp and its biology, ecology and management have taken him overseas to fish for the species as well throughout the USA.

  • As a professional biologist he understands the need for more education to help dispel much of the misinformation that surrounds the fish.

“One thing I quickly discovered as a professional in the fisheries field was that there seems to be a rather one-sided dialog with regards to Common Carp. This often results in a sort of negative feedback loop; since the carp are generally disliked by other sport-fish anglers, managers dislike carp (sadly often based factually on nothing but the angler’s feelings), which in turn give the angler’s feelings credibility since the fisheries manager agrees. Luckily this is not always the case, but happens more often than it should. I believe education is the key to breaking this feedback loop wherever it exists…”


Clayton Lothrop

Clayton manages Operations for the American Carp Society. He first discovered carp angling 15 years ago while earning his Texas Elite Angler award with Texas Parks and Wildlife.  After catching his first carp he realized he had found something special and has been fishing exclusively for Common Carp ever since.  

  • He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Development

  • A certified Texas Angler Education Instructor

  • A passionate carp ambassador taking pleasure in educating anglers new to the sport.

  • He Served for 3 years as a Texas State Chairman for CAG where he organized social fishing events and tournaments.

“Carp angling is the single greatest missed opportunity for today’s American angler.  The sheer size, beauty, power and cunning of these fish rank it as a premier sport-fish in US waters. It goes beyond simply fishing. There is a social aspect to the sport that draws anglers together and creates a brotherhood around fishing.” 


Erick Maybury

Erick Maybury is a passionate angler who began his pursuit of Carp at the age of 13. With his focus primarily being on longer sessions with an emphasis on capturing large carp throughout the country… he is always looking to break barriers researching new waters and pioneering for the future. He has a natural gift for understanding the food source of his quarry and has developed over many years an insight into the carps unique feeding habits.

  • A published writer both in the USA and Overseas.

  • A true passion for bait and the science behind it.

  • A passionate US Carp historian.

“The USA has so much untapped potential regarding these great fish. Being a part of something bigger than ourselves is a worthy cause…You look at the fish and you can tell they know some things, because they have seen some things… I’d like to be able to say that of myself some day.”


Joey Arevalo

Joey Arevalo is an avid multi species Angler. He is also a Carp fishing naturalist whose passion for the fish far exceeds just the pursuit of catching them…It is a lifestyle that he embodies. His goal is to help educate for both the protection and respect for carp here in the USA, so that future generations can enjoy the incredible challenge that they present to the Angler.

  • A dedicated Carp Angler and outdoorsman.

  • A published writer in the USA.

  • A keen amateur photographer.

“If You live and breathe your life as a carp would, you could make friends with some of the oldest, grumpiest and non-social carp that ever swam in this biological masterpiece we call water. Bait making and the mechanics of a carp bait have peaked my interest since I first started targeting them. I think the best carp bait is configured and made by an avid angler that has developed the bait around key observations, made by countless hours of angling as well as the study of their natural food sources and feeding stimulants.”