In this section of the site we will look at various hook-baits used in Carp Angling as well as the different approaches to baiting a swim. There are many commercially available baits on the market today as well as particle baits that can be found at your local grocery store and natural baits that can be found in the local lake or river that you are going to fish.

It is worth remembering that all particle baits if purchased in a raw, dry state should be soaked for 24hrs and then boiled. We'll go over the details inside but this has several awesome benefits; the most important of which is rendering the seed/legume safe for the fish to eat in as much as it will not expand any further in size after being consumed by the fish! Boiling also releases many of the attractants contained in the particle such as natural sugars and amino acids that trigger a feeding response from the fish.


There are various methods of approach to baiting a swim and the circumstances that you are fishing will dictate the best option. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration to determine the right approach.

How long do you have to fish? Are there fish in the swim already? Are you fishing over weed? There are no iron clad rules, however there are several things that will be covered in the following Bait & Baiting sections that need to be taken into consideration for maximum potential results.


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