The 'Guilty...' USA HANGER

The American Carp Society 'Guilty...' hanger has been carefully designed by The American Carp Society in collaboration with the UK's 'Matrix Innovations'  for any application or body of water here in the USA from the smallest of ponds and creeks to the most powerful rivers and deep lakes.

With a larger overall size of body than a conventional hanger, and with the ability to add additional heavy weight, it can be used in all circumstances....from the local pond to the mighty St. Lawrence river.


Features / Specifications:

  • Height: 40mm and with additional weight 55mm.

  • Width: 15mm.

  • Weight of bobbin 19 grams.

  • Additional 17 gram detachable stainless steel weight (Included).

  • Chain weight 14 grams (Included).

  • Made from 316 grade premium stainless Steel & Aircraft grade Acrylic.

  • Featuring an extra long 10” nickel plated brass chain.

  • 'Hockey Stick' universal adaptor with thread (Included).

  • A recessed, USA “Guilty…” logo sunken into the body.

  • For a lighter application and sensitivity in still water (3-10 ft in depth) the hanger can be used without any additional weight and fished in the traditional manner.

  • For heavier water flow in rivers or current an additional 17 gram weight can be added to the hanger giving a total overall weight of 50 grams inclusive of chain.

  • When fishing at distance (80 yards or more in depths over 10 feet) the extra long 10" nickel plated chain can be fished at 'full stretch' with the inclusion of the additional weight for very sensitive back-drop indication.

Available exclusively to American Carp Society members in limited quantities.

The 'Guilty' Hanger
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