‘Barnaby’s Revenge’ Custom bait

The ‘Barnaby’s Revenge’ bait range is now exclusively available for American Carp Society members for a limited time. We can proudly say that the resulting hours of hard work, research and experimentation have concluded in a very high quality, bespoke and handmade bait product that is very special.

It is not a mass produced bait, but one that is lovingly hand crafted from every aspect of its conception through to the delivery of the final product to your door.

In a day and age where ‘cost effectiveness’ and ‘more production’ can be mistakenly made the key focus, the use of American made products and ingredients with some love and talent is something that we proudly embrace at The American Carp Society….It is our philosophy and approach to both our Angling, publications and entire product range here in the USA.

Lovingly crafted into a custom, hand rolled product and specifically designed as a food source for high nutritional value, the bait itself actually came about as a very lucky mistake!

The process of bait making has always been a creative, experimental, and enjoyable process for us. Traditional mixes, norms, and reliance on customary base mixes and flavors have long since been forgotten and replaced with a more unorthodox Western approach to baits and bait mixing. Whether it is harvesting the eggs from our backyard chicken coop, or searching for unique locally sourced ingredients it became immediately apparent that we could not describe the bait in a traditional sense.

We believe the flavor of a bait would not change unless the entirety of the base mix was to change with it. This allowed us to concentrate more on a particular mix without worrying about having to produce the bait with every flavor known to man.

Our flavor combination was actually an unexpected accident. The outcome of the flavor was not what we had intended upon. The initial aroma had creamy citrusy notes to it, as well as a more earthy, nutty aroma and taste. It was a keeper base mix and flavor combination from the very first batch, even though the overall flavor and mix profile came out entirely differently than what we had intended, in the best way imaginable.

Specifically designed to stimulate a feeding response from the fish, the bait holds extremely high nutritional value as well longer term health benefits as a sustainable food source. With the inclusion of assorted naturally sourced vitamins and minerals, the bait can be used year round and is ‘all seasonal’ in its effectiveness.

Using only the highest quality locally sourced ingredients, the Barnaby’s Revenge range includes a complex blend of high protein bait, bird food, tiger nuts and of course the newly developed ‘Asterbury Creme’ TM flavor stimulant, not available in any other product. 

It has proven to catch some very special fish here in the USA over the past few years … being field tested on some of the wildest unknown waters, where the only food source for the fish has been natural. The results speak for themselves.

Every bag is hand rolled and packaged with love ‘from scratch’ and therefore only a limited quantity will be available each month to our members.

It is our goal to serve the American Carp Angler in the pursuit of their quarry in every step of their journey. 

Key Features:

  • 100% sourced and Made in the USA

  • All ingredients sourced for the highest quality and nutritional content value.

  • Available in both 18mm and 22mm sizes.

  • Sold in 1.5KG bags.